A New Kind of Tool
For Creative Thinkers

Neurion is a flexible knowledge tool supercharged with visual programming to remove any limits on creativity.

Get ready to
fire up
your neurons

Build yourself a second brain

Feel free to collect and connect anything in any way

Every great insight and product requires some initial research and we've got you covered in ways you never knew you always wanted.

Non-hierarchical structure, bi-directional links, infinite zooming user interface, and much more.

Unleash your inner artist

The most easy to use vector drawing tool you will ever use

Need to visualize your ideas or design a product - we have just the tool you have been seeking.

A vector-graphic tool with a lot of tricks up its sleeves that is re-imagined in all sorts of ways... you are going to LOOOOVE it!

Remove all limits on your expressiveness

Visual programming has never looked this good

Take your ideas to the next level with real programming. No more cheap prototypes. Go for the real thing!

A general purpose visual programming language designed to be as humane as is possible so any idea can be supercharged and made dynamic, interactive and even launched as a stand alone product if you want.